Competitive multi-tenant endpoint management cloud service allows you to focus on customer added value

Competitive multi-tenant endpoint management cloud service allows you to focus on customer added value

Our customers have become more and more aware that modern business depends on endpoints, different personal devices we use in our digital daily businesses. At the same time remote working brings more challenges to endpoint device management. Endpoint devices managed by users, or arbitrary maintained by IT, might end up malfunctioning and are prone to information security threats which creates significant risks for business.  No one wants to build business on feet of clay. Management of endpoint devices equally both in small and larger companies must be done professionally without excessive growth of cost.  

We are in the world of needs of optimization of investments and software licenses and at the same time facing threats of cyber security. The modern business environment further increases the need of automatic monitoring and managing of endpoint devices. Your customer needs detailed and up to date information and inventory of endpoint devices and software. At the same time, your customer assumes you to keep their endpoint devices and their manpower 24/7 in productive work.  

Ignorance is bliss, but uncertainty is not an option for a service provider 

Are you 100 % aware about potential existing local administrator rights or missing encryption of hard disks on your customers’ endpoint devices? It is a jungle of different kinds of device and software configurations with crossfire of pressures for cost savings. And, it might already be that they have reached a pain barrier in organizations managing your continuous services. 

Now you already know you need a functioning centralized service that takes care of all your customers’ endpoint devices automatically. Why give users local administrator rights if there are other better solutions?  

Riihicloud Endpoint Analytics with Microsoft Power BI -service monitors and reports about usage and possible problems of endpoint devices and reports used software and versions. You can plan and manage your business of services with information that is up to date. Your customer’s investments in IT are easy to plan and operate with up-to-date inventory of devices and software. 

Riihicloud service takes care of routine tasks consuming most of your time at the moment 

Riihicloud Endpoint Management service centralizes all workstations and mobile devices to be managed in one place. Riihicloud Endpoint Management takes care of information security and life cycle of endpoint devices from beginning till the end. Riihicloud also allows delivery of workstation straight from manufacturer of device till user. Installations, commissioning and updates are automatic. 

Riihicloud cost effectively handles for you those routine works that takes your time. Because of continuing product development and update service of software packages customer environments stay secure and effective for the whole life cycle of the endpoint devices. 

Your skilled workers can focus on adding value for your customers. 

Riihicloud is a cloud-based multi-tenant endpoint management service utilizing the latest technologies of Microsoft  

Riihicloud offers the best monitoring and management tools for endpoint devices and software on the market. The service benefits from the leading mainstream Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Intune and Windows Autopilot. We have made the major work for you by building a scalable multitenant cloud service in which it will only take a few minutes to commission all your customer tenants and environments. Ask for a competitive migration price, if you are ready to migrate to Riihicloud turnkey endpoint management service from your existing solution!  

More competitiveness for your continuous services 

Can you offer cost effectively competitive endpoint device management services without large start investments and continuous maintenance costs? If you hesitated when answering to this question, I suggest you to take a look into Riihicloud Endpoint Management service for a competitive solution. 

Riihicloud is a company owned by its skilled staff of processionals with strong Microsoft ecosystem competence including core technologies like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune, Windows Autopilot, Microsoft Power Platform and .NET software development.  

Our pleased partners and customers are the best reference and matter of heart for us.   

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