Riihicloud’s development work, which began in 2016, is based on the software specialist company Riihisoft Oy, whose experts are united by an endless interest in technologies and unbeatable instincts in finding the right solutions for customers.

Riihisoft, which has been growing strongly since its founding in 2011, is a company owned by its personnel with solid expertise in Azure, Intune, Power Platform, and other Microsoft ecosystem and software development. Riihisoft has built a number of customized business software, including smart web services, applications, software and integrations.

Riihisoft has a FINCSC – Finnish Cyber Security Certificate.

In addition to strong expert skills, the operations are based on trust and open and flexible cooperation.

All activities are guided by Riihisoft’s values:


We’ll do what’s agreed upon and deliver on our promises. We trust our employees. We want to give our employees a lot of freedom when it comes to working, which at the same time also means a lot of responsibility. We want to act responsibly as a part of society.


We enjoy what we do. We approach new technology solutions and practices with an open heart and an open mind. We support our employees’ self-learning and skills development.


The baseline of our operations is the continuous development of Riihisoft into a better and more professional operator. This work requires long-term development in customer, partner and employee relationships.