Behind the development work of Riihicloud that began in 2016 is a competent software company Riihisoft Oy.
Riihisoft’s experts has a bottomless interest in technologies and an infallible ability to find the right solutions for customers.

Riihicloud Oy was founded in august 2021. Business related to Riihicloud endpoint management is assigned to Riihicloud Oy as partial division in accordance with the limited liability companies act from 1.1.2022. Due to the new company, Riihisoft’s two distinct business areas were divided to separate companies. The division improves efficiency and clarifies communication as companies get to focus on their own core business.

The purpose of the Riihicloud is to focus on improving the efficiency and productivity of the service business of continuous ICT service providers using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The vision of the Riihicloud is to become the most recommended supplier of continuous ICT services and tools produced using the Azure cloud platform among service providers.

The strategy of the Riihicloud is to develop and produce a SaaS business platform as a turn key service, using Microsoft Azure cloud platform for delivering continuous ICT services and tools with centralized user interface and support for multitenancy.

Riihicloud Oy and Riihisoft Oy are companies owned by their personnel and have strong expertise in Azure, Intune, Power Platform and other Microsoft ecosystems and software development.

The companies has a FINCSC – Finnish Cyber Security Certificate which is the outcome of a certification mechanism to ensure business continuity and proper data protection against various cyber security threats.

In addition to strong expert skills, the operations are based on trust and open and flexible cooperation.

Everything we do is guided by our values:


We do what is agreed upon and deliver on our promises. We trust our employees. We want to give our employees a lot of freedom when it comes to work, which at the same time also means a lot of responsibility. We want to act responsibly as a part of society.


We enjoy what we do and we approach new technology solutions and practices with curiosity and an open mind. We support our employees’ self-learning and skills development.


We aim to continuously improve Riihicloud towards even higher professional excellence. This work requires long-term development in customer, partner, and employee relationships.