Outsourcing your endpoint device and software lifecycle management allows you to focus on adding value

“This is the sort of thing we’ve been waiting for. We have studied and tested various solutions and software to facilitate endpoint management over the years, but all other options have required us to sacrifice a lot of our own resources.” – Our partner about Riihicloud

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Endpoint devices and software must be:


For agile deployment, operation and monitoring.


Stay ahead and mitigate risks with updates and information security as a service.

Easy to manage

Tools for analysis, monitoring and management.

We have developed the best endpoint and software monitoring and management tools on the market utilizing Microsoft cloud technologies.

Start using Riihicloud MSP tools and services today!

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Monitor and manage the entire lifecycle of endpoint devices and software.

Multi-tenant control and management

All the most important tools for monitoring and managing multiple Intune client environments in one place.


When endpoint management is implemented as a streamlined turnkey service with Riihicloud our customers and partners are able to focus on their work instead of solving problems with devices.

White labeling

Riihicloud can be customized to look like your own brand.

Microsoft ecosystem

Benefit from latest Microsoft cloud technologies instead of legacy solutions. Azure, Intune, and Power Platform will ensure support and security into future.

Continuous product development

Riihicloud’s team focuses on continuous product development to offer only the best. We have been investing in product development for years. The continuous update service keeps customer environments secure and efficient throughout the life cycle of endpoints.

Clear pricing

Our pricing per user is clear, benchmarked and reasonable. No device-specific fees or additional charges.

Riihicloud Endpoint Analytics


  1. Provides information about endpoint devices and software according to the needs of different stakeholders.
  2. Compiles data from customer environments into monitoring and analysis views enabling knowledge-based management
  3. Anticipates and alerts to possible problems with endpoint devices and software.

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Riihicloud Endpoint Management


  1. Automates deployment and management of workstations and other endpoint devices (Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS).
  2. Deploys the necessary applications and configurations quickly with smart packages.
  3. Multi-tenant management of endpoint devices and software

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Are you a service provider or responsible for your company’s ICT? Switch your endpoint management to a modern, cloud-based solution that will enable your end users efficient use of their devices independently of their location!

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When outsourcing endpoint management, the supplier’s reliability and the solutions usability are the greatest importances for us.

Marko Pajarinen, Marski Data Oy

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Even with a huge number of complicated customer environments deployed at once, the Riihicloud automated service delivery process did guarantee fast and effortless provisioning of all endpoints and smart packages without any additional costs.​

Tommi Pulkkinen, Midare Oy

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Cooperation with Riihisoft has worked well and, best of all, Riihicloud product development is constantly bringing new functionalities to its service.

Mikke Jokelainen, Solita Oy

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The start of pilot use was quick and effortless. After a few months, we realized that the service really runs in the background, reliably and effortlessly.

Mika Myllynen, Codemen Oy

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Riihicloud has performed excellently and brought efficiency to Vastuu Group’s fast-growing organization.

Max Bernoulli, Vastuu Group Oy

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