Everything we do is guided by our values. 


We do what is agreed upon and deliver on our promises. We trust our employees. We want to give our employees a lot of freedom when it comes to work, which at the same time also means a lot of responsibility. We want to act responsibly as a part of society. 


We enjoy what we do, and we approach new technology solutions and practices with curiosity and an open mind. We support our employees’ self-learning and skills development. 


We aim to continuously improve Riihicloud towards even higher professional excellence. This work requires long-term development in customer, partner, and employee relationships. 


In our operations and decisions, we have identified many opportunities to act with environmentally responsible manners.  

We use Microsoft’s first-rate data centers. Microsoft has announced that the data centers will run 100% on renewable energy by 2025. Our office’s electricity is produced with renewable energy as well. 

We avoid unnecessary fuel consumption from commuters by supporting remote work. And in case one must come to the office, we favor public transport and use our Edenred transport benefit offered by the company. Simply grab your laptop and hop aboard! 

All the “paperwork” is more convenient in digital form so we handle business in the same manner and we comply with paperless practices. 

The laptops are under ISO 27001 certificate Riihicloud Endpoint Service so devices from wholesalers are directly delivered to users without intermediate steps. When the devices come to the end of their life cycles, we use recycling and disposal service with Tramel. We are also provided with the receipts and deletion certificates of the devices from the service provider. 

It is important for us to spend time in the nature and especially on the sea, so we want to participate in their conservation efforts. Every Christmas we give a donation as a Christmas gift for the protection of the Baltic Sea.  


We emphasize taking care of our employees and their self-learning and skills development. 

We have a trainee cooperation with Häme University of applied sciences. The goal is to grow the trainees to senior developers. To achieve the goal, we share our knowledge and run mentoring programs. 

Find out if we are taking good care of our people, we conduct personnel satisfaction surveys. 

We offer benefits for our employees based on their needs and wishes like comprehensive occupational healthcare services, board insurance coverage and Edenred lunch, exercise and culture benefits. Training days, online studies and certification programs e.g. Azure certificate for self-learning and skills development are also included.  

Remote work is made possible with ergonomic workstations and work tools like internet connection, supported by the employer. Staff operating days full on activities. As a commendation for employees, we have a collective bonus model which equals a certain share of the company’s annual profit. We have recruitment and lead fee models as a commendation for growing the company. It is possible to become a shareholder of the company after one year of work. 

Corporate governance  

The governance of the corporation is based on openness and transparency.  

Our employees and shareholders get a monthly report from management about matters related to the personnel, situations of projects, sales and economic situation. 

General meetings and shareholder meetings are held when necessary. The biggest guidelines and policies are decided together. Everyone’s opinions and observations are meaningful. That’s why we want our employees’ representation on the board.  

Data privacy complies with the GDPR. More about privacy policies of handling personal information of customers and potential customers:

Code of Conduct  

We design and implement professional software solutions and other ICT services to increase the efficiency and productivity of the customers and society in compliance with the responsibility we hold dear.  

Responsibility can consist of many things. For us it starts from being pedantic with data security and data privacy. We can protect our people in many cases by following best practices for securing data. 

Among our people there is equality, diversity and non-discrimination. When we are recruiting only competence matters. We continuously try our best to ensure that there is no psychological, sexual or gender-based harassment or any other inappropriate behavior.  

As a company we don’t represent or support financially any political or religious activities. 

We don’t accept the use of child labour and human trafficking.  

We don’t accept bribery or any kind of facilitation payments and we comply with anti-money laundering legislation. 

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