Active cooperation from both sides requires continuous development and improvement

VSP is a human-oriented, reliable service provider for your business  

We provide contact center, IT, and telecommunications services for companies from various industries nationwide, and many of our clients are well-known and leading companies in their field in Finland. Our customer relationships are long-term. 

VSP is financially solvent, independent, and fast-growing company founded already in 1896. We have 450 customer service and ICT professionals taking care of our customers. We have excellent tools to measure the quality of our service and we highly invest in continuous competence development. 

Why Riihicloud?  

VSP considers Riihicloud as an excellent development partner for device lifecycle management. Riihicloud complements device lifecycle management with modern cyber security services and with standardized device delivery features as well as value-added customer-specific customizations. Modern service concept includes smart software packages and comprehensive reporting brings smoothness to the implementation and maintenance of customers’ environments. 

Julle Rintala,

ICT Business Director,


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