The Microsoft ecosystem and endpoint management

The Microsoft ecosystem and endpoint management

Microsoft Office 365 provides solutions for managing email, video conferencing, document storage, sharing, and social networking with Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Office Online, and other Office products. O365 is already an established standard in the business field. Azure and Dynamics 365 cloud services that are part of the Microsoft cloud ecosystem are seamless additions.

About four years ago, we started developing our endpoint management service for our technology partner Microsoft’s cloud platform. That’s when we started in the Classic Intune environment, and quickly as services evolved on the Azure side, we jumped aboard Intune’s Azure version. Now services in the Microsoft ecosystem have evolved tremendously and almost every company has solutions and services at their disposal from the Microsoft ecosystem. At the strategic roadmap design table, it can be difficult to find reasons for a separate individual endpoint management tool that doesn’t natively connect to Azure.

Riihicloud Endpoint Management is produced and developed in Azure Intune and is therefore easily and quickly deployable as a logical addition to existing services. In our experience, now is the time to start using the AutoPilot/W10/Intune/Azure combination. It’s guaranteed to be a wise choice that will take you far.


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