Riihicloud is a multitenant endpoint management solution with turnkey delivery from Riihicloud SaaS business platform enabling full cloud migration for managed service providers and their customers.

Riihicloud Endpoint Management

Riihicloud Endpoint Management provides multitenant management tools to all customers, applications and devices. Riihicloud supports all devices with Windows, Android, iOS and macOS operating systems.

– Provisioning standardized customer environments: Windows AutoPilot and pre-provisioning, mass provisioning tools for tenant mass provisioning and patch management
– Maintaining customer environments with application and configuration packages and on demand service automation
– Enhancing and updating customer environments with weekly maintenance routines

– Monitoring and analyzing customer environments to maintain high level security standards and end-user satisfaction
– Cyber security certifications and audits for customer environments requires use of centralized endpoint management

Riihicloud Endpoint Analytics

Multitenant views to all customers and endpoints.

– Health and security views for Windows, Mac and Mobile devices
– Up-to-date status
– Software and hardware Inventory
– Warranty information
– Standard integration API (In/Out): Integrations and automation; e.g. service request functionality with integration to ticketing systems, integrations to other systems

Managed service provider tools

Riihicloud is a multitenant endpoint management solution with turn-key delivery from Riihicloud SaaS business platform enabling full cloud migration for managed service providers and their customers.

Smart Package Services

Riihicloud Smart Packages Engine is built by XML driven engine for Intune on Azure (MDM channel) providing highly automated way to provision updated application and configuration packages to endpoint devices.

As a part off the Riihicloud endpoint management services, new versions of application and configuration packages are updated, tested and delivered weekly to end-customers. Over the years, Riihicloud has implemented hundreds of free generic use application and configuration packages for both Windows and macOS. All packages are automatically included to our weekly maintenance routines and kept up-to-date.

In addition, Riihicloud team develops customer specific packages to meet all your needs. Smart packages for you customers can be combined by different customer segments or LOBs into your tenant templates to make onboarding customers and managing their devices even more easy. Our tailored smart packages are offered as fixed price.

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Microsoft ecosystem

Access to the latest Microsoft technologies without legacy solutions. Azure, Intune and Power Platform will ensure support and security for years to come.


Once endpoint management is implemented with Riihicloud, users can focus on working without any time-consuming issues. All available as a turnkey service.

Continuous product development

Riihicloud’s team focuses on continuous product development to offer only the best. We have been investing in product development for years. The continuous update service keeps customer environments secure and efficient throughout the life cycle of endpoints.

Per-user pricing

Our pricing per user is clear, proven and fair. No device-specific fees or additional charges

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