Endpoint Management

Riihicloud Endpoint Management enables multitenant management of applications and configurations

Riihicloud Endpoint Management solves the challenges related to the management of corporate devices and software. Microsoft Intune-based modern cloud service enables organizations to manage endpoint devices (Windows, Android, iOS, macOS), installed applications and configurations centrally through a single multi-tenant management portal.


Riihicloud provides a solution for provisioning standardized customer environments based on industry standards like Windows AutoPilot and pre-provisioning on supplier delivery center.

Riihicloud smart package engine is efficient application and configuration management provisioning solution ensuring reliable application and configuration package installation both to Windows and macOS devices.

Riihicloud patch management automation helps a customer or a MSPs to keep their systems and devices up to date and the tool ensures patches are automatically applied across systems and devices as soon as they become available. As a result, this ensures the guard against the latest cyber threats. You can plan tasks for workstations, detect and escalate driver updates and set up triggers to initiate automated processes.


Maintaining customer environments with application and configuration packages requires weekly maintenance, development and testing work to produce up-to-date packages for patch management and provisioning.

This work is tedious routine work for endpoint specialists and can be overwhelming for an endpoint management team after a while, especially, if technical resources would be needed in more end customer value adding work.

Riihicloud Endpoint Management provides a solution for customers and MSPs looking for an outsourced solution especially for application and configuration package production.  

Monitoring and Analyzing

Monitoring and analyzing customer environments to maintain high level security standards and end-user satisfaction. Riihicloud Endpoint Management enables you to monitor devices in real-time and quickly identify incidents and alert stakeholders.

With constant monitoring, you can identify an incident in its early stages and address the issue before it escalates. Based on up-to-date information, you are able to create an alert if an incident occurs, notify stakeholders and ensure the incident is immediately resolved.

Enhancing and updating

Enhancing and updating customer environments with weekly maintenance routines is easy with Riihicloud Endpoint Management. You are able to reduce the number of dissatisfied customers and improve your response time for service-level agreements.

You will get full visibility into customer environments and can update your configuration management database (CMDB) with the latest information. This enables knowledge based management, continuous enhancing and updating, where you will get the most value out of the IT resources at your disposal.

Cyber Security

Modern endpoint management is a big part of cyber security including managed devices, applications, configurations, policies, user data and user identities. Most information security management standards like ISO27001 require controls for device management.

Easiest and most efficient way to implement baseline for information security controls is to implement managed endpoint management service like Riihicloud with comprehensive support for zero trust policies and other information security controls.

Riihicloud Endpoint Management includes a set of advanced cyber security applications and configuration packages enabling customer to enforce all needed security policies and controls in customer environments.

If you are interested in easy endpoint control, we are happy to present our solution.

Microsoft ecosystem

Access to the latest Microsoft technologies without legacy solutions. Azure, Intune and Power Platform will ensure support and security for years to come.


Once endpoint management is implemented with Riihicloud, users can focus on working without any time-consuming issues. All available as a turnkey service.

Continuous product development

Riihicloud’s team focuses on continuous product development to offer only the best. We have been investing in product development for years. The continuous update service keeps customer environments secure and efficient throughout the life cycle of endpoints.

Per-user pricing

Our pricing per user is clear, proven and fair. No device-specific fees or additional charges

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