Riihicloud Endpoint Analytics


Riihicloud Endpoint Analytics enables multi-tenant monitoring of endpoint devices and software.

Endpoint Analytics is the answer to the challenges of monitoring corporate endpoint devices. Microsoft’s Intune-based modern cloud service enables organizations to monitor endpoint devices (Windows, Android, iOS, macOS), apps installed on them, and endpoint settings centrally through a single multi-tenant monitoring portal.

Endpoint Analytics provides detailed information about endpoint devices and software according to the needs of different stakeholders, enabling endpoint lifecycle management and knowledge management. Endpoint Analytics alerts you of possible problems with users’ endpoint devices and software.


General view of customer environments to support management and decision-making.

Financial management

Information and statistics on future investments as a basis for budgeting.


The overall situation of customer environments and endpoint devices requiring action.


Identification of devices at the end of their lifecycle helps with sales planning.

Seize the opportunity to test the Riihicloud Endpoint Analytics tool.

Microsoft ecosystem

Access to the latest Microsoft technologies without legacy solutions. Azure, Intune, and Power Platform will ensure support and security for years to come.


Once endpoint management is implemented with Riihicloud, users can focus on working without any time-consuming issues. All available as a turnkey service.

Continuous product development

Riihicloud’s team focuses on continuous product development to offer only the best. We have been investing in product development for years. The continuous update service keeps customer environments secure and efficient throughout the life cycle of endpoints.

Per-user pricing

Our pricing per user is clear, proven and fair. No device-specific fees or additional charges