Producing responsible and cost-efficient services requires the right partners

2M-IT is the biggest publicly owned company producing IT services for social and health care in Finland. The company carries socially responsible role and improves wellness of people by developing services for social and health care. Producing responsible and cost-efficient services requires the right partners. 

“Our IT services consists of basic IT services provided to users like services for devices, capacity, telecommunication and support. Our services are utilized in more than 250 customer offices, where we maintain more than 2000 active telecommunication devices and 15 000 devices. 

Commissioning of the Riihicloud service was well productized. The commissioning didn’t require much time from our busy endpoint management professionals. They got to focus on other projects that adds value to our customers. After the commissioning the service has been running in the background inconspicuously as a turnkey service. Our role has mainly been just to monitor the data about the condition of the endpoints generated by the Riihicloud Endpoint Analytics.  

Riihicloud enables transferring a limited amount of our IT professionals from routine work to more productive work. We can recommend Riihicloud as an endpoint management partner for all service providers.”

Kaj-Markus Rantala,

Team Manager,


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