Data Group has been working with Riihicloud on a regular, active and successful basis for a long time.

Our successful collaboration is based on mutual respect and trust. 

It is particularly important for us that data security plays a key role in the systems that manage our customers’ environments. With the Riihicloud service, we can develop and improve our customers’ businesses cost-effectively and securely. 

Communication with a domestic partner is easy on both commercial and technical issues. The domestic partner understands our local strengths but also the challenges associated with the operating environment. 

Data Group is a Finnish chain of independent ICT vendors founded in 1992. We provide tools for fluent, reliable and information secure working. Overall, Data Group has 57 offices and 370 ICT specialists. The total turnover of all of the members is 70 million euros. Our strength is based on continuous training, and utilizing the knowledge and work of the entire chain. We cooperate with the leading partners of the industry. 

Timo Vilenius,


Data Group Finland Ltd

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