The customer environments of Midare Oy in Intune are now under Riihicloud-service

“We commissioned Riihicloud Endpoint Management service in our Intune customer environments. Partnering with Riihicloud enables us to be carefree and to focus our resources to more productive use for our other services.

We transferred 50 customer environments to Riihicloud service at once. We ordered 31 smart packages for all environments. Only in couple of days all devices in the environments were under the service with all the specified configurations and software.

ps. smart package = Riihicloud has a factory where smart packages are weekly build from applications and configurations. Every week smart packages are transferred to endpoint devices to keep them functional, secure, up to date and to offer all the tools needed for working with the devices. 

Although there were several customer environments, devices, and smart packages, Riihicloud’s automated service process with Microsoft Intune’s assistance guaranteed fast and effortless commissioning.

Commissioning was even faster because of order templates. All the new customer environments are also ordered with the same fast and effortless process of ordering.

It was nice to notice how the existing Microsoft 365 – licenses made more use with the Riihicloud service. There were no additional costs caused by the commissioning. Our customers and Midare as a company benefited from this.

With Riihicloud it is now possible and highly automated so faster and easier for us to control and maintenance all the devices in multitenant customer environment.”

Tommi Pulkkinen,

System Specialist,

Midare Oy

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