Automation of UI testing and bullseye

Automation of UI testing and bullseye

Automation of UI testing and bullseye

Automation of UI testing  

A software, application, or web service without a functional user interface is like a car without a steering wheel. The user interface should provide a smooth user experience and seamless functionality. Ensuring consistent quality in its design, implementation, and testing requires adopting the right processes and tools. 

Testing user interfaces is a dry and time-consuming phase that consumes developers’ time. Fortunately, testing can be automated, allowing for: 

  • Time savings: Automated tests are significantly faster than manual ones 
  • Repeatability: Increased reliability when test cases can be executed accurately and repeatedly 
  • Coverage: Automated tests can cover a broader set of test cases compared to manual testing 
  • Reliability: Automated tests do not get tired or make human errors 
  • Early detection: Regularly running automated tests enables early identification and resolution of potential issues during the development cycle 

Therefore, in our training session, we familiarized ourselves with a UI test automation tool called Selenium. 


Selenium is an open-source user interface testing tool that enables automated testing in various browser environments. It provides an effective way to ensure that web applications perform as expected across different browser versions and operating systems. 

With Selenium, testers can write test scripts in different programming languages, such as Java, C#, Python, and JavaScript. These tests can simulate user actions like clicking links, filling out text fields, and submitting forms. Selenium also offers robust support for automating various functions, such as setting expectations and generating test reports. Different types of testing can be performed, including functional, regression, and performance testing. The image below illustrates various types of tests. 


Teatterihotelli Riihimäki provided our training with functional facilities and delicious hamburgers. The afternoon was spent at the Loppi Shooting Sports Center, engaging in practical shooting activities. And yes, we even hit bullseye there. 

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