Technical Talk - Pilot Groups in Smart Package Assignments

Technical Talk – Pilot Groups in Smart Package Assignments

Technical Talk – Pilot Groups in Smart Package Assignments

At Riihicloud, we continually strive to bring innovative solutions that simplify and enhance your IT management processes. Our latest release introduces an exciting new feature – Pilot Groups for Smart Package assignments – that promises to transform the way you deploy and manage software across your organization.

Why Pilot Groups?

Pilot Groups offer a strategic testing phase for Smart Packages before a full-scale rollout. This new functionality allows MSPs’ partner administrators to select pilot options while setting up or editing end customers’ tenant orders, ensuring that any new application is thoroughly tested and refined according to organizational standards and requirements. The option to customize the timeline from pilot to production, and even pause the pilot, if necessary, provides exceptional flexibility and control.

Efficient Transition with Minimal Risk

The introduction of Pilot Groups means you can now deploy new applications with minimal disruption to existing systems. By using a pilot phase, you ensure that only fully validated and compliant applications make their way into the live environment. This not only reduces the risk of errors but also allows for fine-tuning and optimization, guaranteeing optimal performance after deployment.

Dynamic Management Capabilities

Adjusting to the needs of modern businesses, our Pilot Groups feature is designed with supreme adaptability. You can set specific pilot durations that align perfectly with your project timelines and business objectives, providing a structured yet flexible framework for testing. The feature also includes the ability to pause and resume the pilot phase based on feedback or changing requirements, ensuring that any interruptions do not impact the overall deployment schedule. Additionally, the transition from pilot to production is streamlined, allowing for a seamless shift with both manual and automated options, tailored to meet the unique needs of your environment.

Secure and Compliant

Recognizing the importance of security and compliance, the use of Pilot Groups requires specific permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel can initiate or alter pilot phases. This layer of security guarantees that every stage of your software deployment is under control, complying with the highest standards of IT governance.

Welcome to explore these exciting new features.

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