Technical Talk - See Why Riihicloud's Smart Packages Are Different

Technical Talk – See Why Riihicloud’s Smart Packages Are Different

Technical Talk – See Why Riihicloud’s Smart Packages Are Different

Can Your Current Tools Handle the Toughest Installations? See Why Riihicloud’s Smart Packages Are Different

At Riihicloud, we redefine the dynamics of software installation with our state-of-the-art packaging engine, engineered to ensure a seamless and non-disruptive user experience. For the past eight years, in collaboration with Managed Service Providers (MSPs), we have perfected a system that not only enhances software deployment but also guarantees it with absolute precision.

Intelligent Deployment Engine

Our proprietary deployment engine is the core of our installation packages. This sophisticated engine is driven by XML-based parameters that orchestrate every aspect of the installation process. Key features of our Smart Package Engine include:

  • Local and Cloud-Based Logging: Comprehensive logs are generated locally and can also be accessed through the Riihicloud service, providing clear visibility into the installation process.
  • Advanced Retry Mechanisms: Configurable settings such as Retry Count and Wait Time ensure installation attempts continue in the face of obstacles, enhancing success rates.
  • Adaptive Execution Paths: Utilizing smart coding techniques, our engine dynamically adjusts its operation based on real-time feedback from the system, ensuring installations proceed only under optimal conditions.

Customizable Package Templates

Riihicloud offers a variety of smart package templates, designed to cater to different installation scenarios and requirements:

  • Very Soft: Executes installations only when applications are not running.
  • Soft: Performs installations without preliminary checks.
  • Hard: Removes old versions before installing new updates.
  • User Login and Computer Startup: Aligns installation with system events for minimal disruption.
  • Version Check and Scheduled: Uses sophisticated checks or schedules to manage installations.

These templates are not only powerful but also combinable, allowing for a tailored approach that fits the exact needs of any business environment. We create standard and challenging custom software packages every day.

Uncompromised User Experience

One of our guiding principles at Riihicloud is that “we never pull the carpet from the end user.” This philosophy is embedded in every package, where installations are meticulously planned to ensure that ongoing work is undisturbed. Our smart engine can detect if an application is in use or if a related process is running, opting to wait rather than disrupt.

Cutting-edge Cloud Solutions with Native Intune Integration

At Riihicloud, we embrace a “Pure Cloud” philosophy, utilizing native Intune as our core distribution mechanism. This approach ensures that our Smart Packages are delivered seamlessly without the need for any traditional, on-premises software installations, aligning with the modern IT landscape that prioritizes agility and minimal infrastructural overhead. By leveraging Intune, Riihicloud enhances the deployment process, making it not only faster but also more secure and compliant with current cloud standards.

Continuous Innovation

We leverage cutting-edge technologies like automated “Web crawlers” and Microsoft Power Automate to check for new versions weekly, ensuring your software remains up-to-date without manual intervention. This automation not only saves time but also keeps your systems secure and efficient with the latest updates.

Partner with Riihicloud for Superior Software Management

Experience the future of software installation with Riihicloud’s Smart Packages. Our tools are designed to help your business thrive in a digital landscape, backed by robust technology and a commitment to seamless user experiences. Reach out to our experts today to explore how our solutions can enhance your IT operations.

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