Technical Talk - Can You Copy an Intune Tenant? - Yes, We Can

Technical Talk – Can You Copy an Intune Tenant? – Yes, We Can

Technical Talk – Can You Copy an Intune Tenant? – Yes, We Can

In the realm of information technology, where precision and efficiency are paramount, we at Riihicloud are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that significantly simplifies the management of IT environments. Our latest innovation allows the seamless copying of selected configurations and policies directly from one Microsoft Intune tenant to another. This cutting-edge feature not only reduces the need for manual configuration but also minimizes the risk of human error, providing a standardized, fast, and error-free setup process.

Simplified Migration and Management

Our service enables you to copy configurations effortlessly from a template tenant, using either your own predefined template or the Riihicloud baseline. This includes dynamic groups, compliance policies, configuration profiles, update rings for Windows, Defender for Endpoint settings, app protection policy evaluations, attack surface reduction measures, default EDR policies for all devices, Autopilot configurations, and Conditional Access policies, ensuring safe and smooth transfers.

Maintain and Update Anytime

One of the major advantages of our solution is the ability to create new configurations or update existing ones at any time. This flexibility ensures that your Endpoint management remains up to date without any additional hassle.

A new tenant can be configured with the Tenant copy in five minutes and the tenants in production can be updated from the template with “Update existing” selection.

You can now focus on growing your business, confident in the knowledge that your Endpoint management is in secure hands.

Leverage Our Partners’ Experience

We’re also proud to share that our partners are currently utilizing template tenants that include dozens, if not hundreds, of profiles, configurations, and policies, totaling over 800 settings. This not only demonstrates the efficiency of the feature but also its capacity to serve a wide range of businesses and their varying needs.

Why Is This a Game-Changer?

This innovation marks a significant improvement in IT environment management. The reduction in manual labor, minimization of errors, and faster setup process are just the tip of the iceberg. By using your own template or the Riihicloud baseline, you gain a flexible and customizable way to manage your IT infrastructure.

Welcome to discover how we at Riihicloud can help make managing your IT environment more seamless, secure, and efficient.

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