Azure Functions training and pool

Azure Functions training and pool

It was time for Riihisoft and Riihicloud to come together again for training and to spend time together. The training topic was Azure Functions. Our developers have recently witnessed how investing in training has paid off in the Azure area by completing Azure certifications. 

Azure Functions is a serverless solution that easily implements event-based functionalities without having to worry about the infrastructure underneath. During the training, we learned about the solution and applied what we learned through practical development tasks. Once again, the training was considered useful and interesting. Azure training has also been useful for developers who do not actively work with Azure. By learning about current topics and technologies, we can always offer the best possible solutions to our customers. 

After the training, we held the annual pool championship with 9-ball matches. In the end, Kustaa, Sami ja Jaakko from Riihicloud team emerged as the winners. In addition to their solid expertise in endpoint management, it seems that the team also has a knack for pool. 

The day was once again an excellent example of how to combine learning and having fun. 

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