ChatGPT-koulutusta, keilausta ja padelia

ChatGPT training, bowling and padel

ChatGPT training, bowling and padel

The next task on my to-do list is to write a blog post about Riihisoft’s and Riihicloud’s ChatGPT training and recreation day. I open ChatGPT and write “kirjoita blogi ohjelmistokehittäjille suunnatusta koulutuspäivästä, jonka aiheena oli chatgpt” to search field. I got the blog post written in Finnish in seconds and asked the AI to translate it in English: 

“Welcome to read a blog post that discusses a training day aimed at software developers, which focused on ChatGPT! 

ChatGPT is an AI-based language model that can answer complex questions in natural language. This training day was specifically targeted at software developers who wanted to learn more about using ChatGPT and its potential in software development. 

The training day began with a thorough introduction to ChatGPT and how it works. This was important because many of the participants had not used ChatGPT before and needed to understand its basic principles before trying it out practically. 

Next, the focus was on how ChatGPT can be used from a software development perspective. Participants were able to try out ChatGPT in different use cases, such as automating customer service, generating questions and answers, and searching databases. This gave participants the opportunity to see how ChatGPT can be utilized in different ways in software projects. 

However, the main emphasis of the training day was on practical exercises. Participants were given the task of training their own ChatGPT model to answer specific questions and integrate it into an existing software project. This exercise demonstrated how ChatGPT models can be trained to meet certain use cases and how they can be used to improve the functionality and usability of software. 

The training day was a success, and participants gained many new ideas and insights into how ChatGPT can be used in software development. They also gained a good understanding of how ChatGPT can become a valuable tool for software developers in the future. This training day proved that ChatGPT has great potential to change the way software developers build software in the future.” 

As like ChatGPT told, the training day was successful. We have utilized it in our work since the training to solve coding problems like writing SQL queries correctly, even in choosing a lunch restaurant.  

We also got to know a few other artificial intelligence products published by OpenAI.  

Let’s try out what DALL-E thinks an oil painting of software developers having a training day at the office would look like.  

After the training, we refreshed with padel and bowling. We look forward to all the opportunities that artificial intelligence will offer us in the future.  

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