Efficient and safe remote work in a world revolutionized by the coronavirus pandemic

Efficient and safe remote work in a world revolutionized by the coronavirus pandemic

There has been public debate about whether we should stop talking about the coronavirus pandemic and focus fully on moving our business forward. I largely agree, but I would like to raise the issue of the coronavirus pandemic, because it has caused a major change, especially in the way office workers go about their jobs, as they work from home more and more.

Riihisoft’s endpoint management service Riihicloud Endpoint Management, combined with the Microsoft ecosystem, is the solution to efficient location-independent work on endpoints.

Endpoints do not have to be delivered from supplier to IT support to be set up, which brings companies increased productivity and, at the same time, significant cost reductions. The endpoint can be delivered directly to the employee’s home or office. With Endpoint Management and Windows Autopilot, an employee can deploy a new workstation without IT support’s assistance. This approach also avoids unnecessary contacts to protect our partners’ busy top experts and endpoint recipients from exposure to viruses. After the start of use, Riihisoft’s Riihicloud team will make sure that the workstation will be automatically updated to have the latest software versions and settings.

Almost without exception, Android, macOS, and iOS endpoints are added to the Endpoint Management service, and we provide basic capabilities for their management. With these functionalities, all endpoints can be monitored securely under the same service.

With Endpoint Management, IT staff in companies – both our partners and end-user organizations – can focus on doing more productive work by transferring endpoint management to an automated cloud service in the competent hands of Riihisoft employees for monitoring, maintenance, and further development. Our turnkey endpoint management service also enables companies to grow their business without hiring new IT people.

Our overall service has expanded with Riihicloud Endpoint Analytics, which provides detailed information about endpoints and software for the needs of different stakeholders, enabling endpoint life cycle management and knowledge management.

More information about our services is available on our website, Riihicloud.

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