Azure certification

Investing in training has produced results in the form of Azure certifications

Investing in training has produced results in the form of Azure certifications

Riihisoft and Riihicloud have always strongly invested in training. This spring, it is especially visible in the form of Azure certifications, such as the AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification aimed at software developers

The AZ-204 covers extensively what a software developer should know about Azure and developing solutions using Azure services. The software developer learns, among other things, how to make optimal technology choices and use Azure Storage, PaaS, IaaS, security, monitoring, and identity management solutions. 

The staff enjoys several benefits, one of which is training. A certain portion of work time can be used for studying, and performance is rewarded with monetary bonuses. Every few months, a joint training and recreational day is also organized. The training topics are generally related to software development or some new technology or tool. Recently, the training has been related to Azure cloud services, as it has become increasingly interesting to our staff. 

They have valued our investment in training and found it motivating. As skills diversify, job descriptions also have the opportunity to renew or expand. It has been meaningful for them to learn new things so that they can provide even more ingenious solutions to their clients. 

In the software industry, continuous learning is not just desirable, but a requirement. As a company, we want to support our staff in staying at the forefront. This not only benefits them in personal goals but also the company and its clients. 

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