Riihicloud’s weekly delivery for smart application and configuration packages now available for macOS devices 

Riihicloud’s weekly delivery for smart application and configuration packages now available for macOS devices 

Riihicloud Endpoint Management service has from the start included management and monitoring services for Windows, Android, iOS and macOS devices. In addition to management and monitoring services for Windows and mobile devices, Riihicloud has supplied weekly delivery for smart application and configuration packages. In the latest release the delivery has been extended to macOS devices, too.  

One of the main functions for Riihicloud Endpoint Management service is supplying the application and configuration packages. The weekly maintenance routine develops, tests and provisions test approved applications and configurations so that the endpoints are seamlessly operational, efficient, up-to-date and secure. 

Let’s see what smart packages mean for our partners and their customers.  

Our partner’s customer has decided to speed up its growth even more. They decided to outsource endpoint device management to service provider. Now they can make full use of human resources in value-adding work. The company has a lot of employees, multiple offices and international actions. Company’s devices, their software and configurations must be seamlessly in function, secure and compliance with company’s rules.   

The company has defined based on offices and user groups the applications software and configurations needed. Most of the packages was found from Riihicloud’s general-purpose packages like Office 365 applications and Chrome browser. The general-purpose packages are Riihicloud’s ready-made packages that are ready to use. The company needed Visual Studio Code for macOS application that was not found from the general-purpose packages. Package was created, tested and deployed. Producing the packages is effective because of the package engine developed by Riihicloud. The package engine is an extension built in Intune. Functionality of the package engine is based on XML parameters. 

Cyber security and following the company’s rules are necessities for the growing international actions of the company. The company fulfils these goals with Riihicloud’s configuration packages. The configuration packages ensures that the company’s devices comply with the company’s rules. The restrictions imposed by the packages also avoid human damage that would disturb or endanger business continuity. 

By the latest release the company’s macOS devices gets the package deliveries. Weekly the new packages are delivered. Because of that, devices and their software are always secure, up-to-date and ready to be the best possible tools for their users. 

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