Season’s greetings from Riihicloud

Season’s greetings from Riihicloud

It is important for us to spend time in nature and especially on the sea, so again this Christmas, Riihicloud supports the nature conservation work of the Baltic Sea Action Group with a monetary donation.  

Baltic Sea Action Group is a non-attached foundation working to save the Baltic Sea. The donation will support work to prevent eutrophication, climate change and biodiversity loss.  

Eutrophication will be prevented by reducing eutrophic emissions from food production and shipping together with operators from the industries. Climate change will be restrained, the Baltic Sea will be supported and carbon sequestration will be boosted by bringing researchers and farmers together for development. Loss of Nature will be prevented by improving the protection of the most species-rich underwater areas in the Baltic Sea. Protection will improve the sea’s marine diversity, making it more resilient to climate change.  

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