Windows Autopilot White Glove – a new treat for setting up your workstation

Windows Autopilot White Glove is a new functionality made for Autopilot deployment, in which the Autopilot section is divided into two parts. End user IT partners or company IT staff can now preinstall your Windows 10 PC so that it is fully software-ready. For example, large graphical software and development tools can be installed on the PC already in the supplier’s premises.

For the end user, the Windows Autopilot user experience hasn’t changed, but getting the device fully ready for use is faster. After the end user logs on, only user settings and policies are configured.

Using White Glove

The machine credentials are added to the Intune admin portal and White Glove is enabled in the Autopilot deployment settings. The computer you are preparing is connected online by a wired connection. Note that WiFi is not suitable for this. Start the PC and press the Windows button five times in the first screen to start the White Glove process.

Technical preconditions

Windows 10 version 1903 or later. The computer must be connected to a fixed network. Machine credentials must be entered into the Intune management portal and White Glove allowed/activated.

We have productized this tried and tested additional feature of Autopilot as part of the standard Riihicloud Endpoint Management configuration so that our partners can use this quickly and easily if they wish.

If you’re not yet familiar with Autopilot, you may want to click this link to watch a video about it.


For more information on the topic and the Riihicloud Endpoint Management service, please contact us.