Endpoint Analytics got a new feature for viewing status of workstations’ software and smart packages

In the latest update Endpoint Analytics service from Riihicloud’s product family has got a long-awaited Windows Software section.  

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Your customers are planning to start using Microsoft Intune endpoint management solution, maybe it is time for you as a MSP to start using Intune as efficiently as possible?

Why Microsoft Intune has not previously been introduced as a standard part of a Managed Service Providers’ toolset? One reason might be that the Microsoft’s famous endpoint management solution Intune is not considered to be a rich enough with service management related features. Managed service providers tend to overlook Intune as workstation management tool and only use Intune for mobile device management. Why this is the case? 

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Welcome to the free consultation!

Are you interested in increasing your Microsoft 365 sales and make your supply of services more versatile by covering device and software maintenance? Is your delivery organization struggling already with resource and knowledge shortage of modern endpoint management? Do you want to ensure the fluency of customer deliveries and meet the increasing requirements of the services needed by modern work?

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Riihicloud Endpoint Management Service

Riihicloud Endpoint Management Service in a nutshell! Watch here, what modern endpoint device management means in practise.

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Company video – Riihisoft

Our company video is a cross-section of our actions as a growing provider of software solutions.

Watch the video!

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Competitive multi-tenant endpoint management cloud service allows you to focus on customer added value

Our customers have become more and more aware that modern business depends on endpoints, different personal devices we use in our digital daily businesses. At the same time remote working brings more challenges to endpoint device management. Endpoint devices managed by users, or arbitrary maintained by IT, might end up malfunctioning and are prone to information security threats which creates significant risks for business. No one wants to build business on feet of clay. Management of endpoint devices equally both in small and larger companies must be done professionally without excessive growth of cost.

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Windows Autopilot White Glove – a new treat for setting up your workstation

Windows Autopilot White Glove is a new functionality made for Autopilot deployment, in which the Autopilot section is divided into two parts. End user IT partners or company IT staff can now preinstall your Windows 10 PC so that it is fully software-ready.

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Efficient and safe remote work in a world revolutionized by the coronavirus pandemic

There has been public debate about whether we should stop talking about the coronavirus pandemic and focus fully on moving our business forward. I largely agree, but I would like to raise the issue of the coronavirus pandemic, because it has caused a major change, especially in the way office workers go about their jobs, as they work from home more and more.

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The Microsoft ecosystem and endpoint management

Riihicloud Endpoint Management is produced and developed in Azure Intune and is therefore easily and quickly deployable as a logical addition to existing services

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